The world of Undoria

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Undoria is a bigger twin of Earth. Vegetation and species are similar to Earth but have mutated. This planet does not have water on its surface, only underground. Orias are the main species, they carry water from underground through cracks in the planet's crust to irrigate Undoria's rich and vivid vegetation.

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Design process & developpment

Softwares & tools used in the project

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Project supervisor
Jules Dariulat
All project credits

Contemporary dancer: PIGUET Zélie

Production designer: BRUNAT Adrien

Technical assistant: GIRAUD DASPRES Duncan

Camera operator: CIRIECO Johanna

Makeup artist: NURCHI Léana

Technical advisor: NICOLOVICI Adrien

Police extra: PIGUET David

Police extra: PISANO Moana

On set driver: BRUNAT Pascal / PIGUET Solange

Special thanks

Nicolovici Adrien

Aurélie Noirclair

Orensène, école de danse à Divonne-les-bains

Visuals Switzerland, film rental company

Cast, crew and family.

Concept art mentorship

I had the chance to get Jules Darriulat Concept artist @ Framestore as mentor to guide me on this project. His advice and feedback allowed me to develop my technical and artistic abilities wile always keeping in mind originality and good design thinking.

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