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Cargo is an opening title sequence for a fictional series written by Olivier Domerc and Laurent King. The brief was to develop the visual concept, logo, visual identity and design the entire title sequence. This fictional series deals with maritime terrorism. We chose to focus the title sequence on the behind-the-scenes thefts of hazardous materials. The entire sequence takes place in a container, a symbol of maritime transport.

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Design process & developpment

Softwares & tools used in the project

Initially, we collectively chose the concept of this title sequence. Then, we gathered the different accessories and built the set. Once the shooting was done, I did the editing, color grading and the various visual effects (the images used in the mood boards come from the internet). The majority of the shots were filmed in the set that we have built in the basement of a colleague's house. We also went to a container depot to shoot the final scene.

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Project supervisor
Thanh Long Bach / Mathieu Babin
Olivier Domerc
All project credits

Graphics, set design, VFX design: Adrien Brunat

Concept + production: Pierre Rochelle

Concept + production: Damien Gimmi

Concept + production: Alina Barisani

Concept + production: Florian Gretillat

Concept + production: Dushan Zofka

Special thanks

CTG-AMT Geneva

Olivier Domerc

Fix Studio VFX

Thanh Long Bach

Cast & crew

How to fake the inside of a container ?

We didn't had any container at our disposal for the entire shooting duration so we build a rectangle set in the basement of a colleague's house. We just went to a container depot to shoot the final scene where the door container doors are closing.

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