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I'm Adrien a Europe-based junior concept artist for film and entertainment. I'm developing a focus on world-building with an emphasis on sustainability.

Main skill
Concept design illustration

Concept art

Whether for pre-sales, pre-production or post-production phases, I develop 2D and 3D skills to create original designs with a realistic style and generalist approach (environment, props, architecture, creatures...)

Main skill
Graphic design illustration

Graphic design

I can use my graphic design skills in relation to concept art in order to create graphic details for the world but also to communicate design by creating slides layout, sheets, diagrams or quick project logos.

Main skill
Hybrid Set design illustration

Set design collaboration

As a concept artist with a background in interior design and solid knowledge of VFX, I can work hand-in-hand with a set designer to ensure better design continuity. Whether for traditional set construction or for hybrid set extension.

Illustration of a world-building diagram

Design approach centred around world-building

I develop a concept art methodology based on world-building technics. Whether for sci-fi, fantasy, historical or dystopian projects, I assist key creatives establishing and visualizing all the parts of the worlds they imagined. whether in the blue-sky, pre-production or VFX phases.

Sustainability in design

There is no point in creating fictional worlds if we don’t take care of our planet in first place. I truly believe that sustainability need to be added in the creative decision making like schedule or budget. I am dedicated to learn, develop and share sustainable solution for greener design in the film industry. 

Choice of construction materials

Reusing or recycling sets

Limit digital footprint

Virtual vs practical sets

Use or scan existing locations

Grouping shooting locations

Are you looking for crew ?

I am able to work as a junior concept artist, or art assistant for a wide variety of entertainment projects. You can book an introductory interview, l will be very happy to discuss about your design needs.

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