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The design brief was to imagine one of the key sets for the pilot episode. The new initiative is a spin-off in the LOST universe, It takes place after the end of the initial series, in the year 2025. Scientists decide to recreate the Dharma Initiative to continue the research on the Valenzetti equation, in order to solve the climate crisis and save humanity from itself. The pilot episode is a return to the island, scientists are looking for the «Archive» station which should contain all the materials of the initial research

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Design process & developpment

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After establishing the layout and conducting research I gather references and started to design the environment as well as the underground station by conducting some exploration sketches. There are a lot of details that pay homage to the initial series, for example, the facility uses a lot of octagonal shapes as a reference to the iconic logo of the dharma initiative.

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Project supervisor
Simeon Schaffner, CGMA
All project credits

3D model, Industrial Pipes pack by @Skotchet

3D model, Eumig Film Projector by @AleixoAlonso

3D model, Simple Swivel Chair by @Mattyew

3D model, Ring Binder by @Jura

3D model, Desk Lamp by @Dybo

3D model, TF2 Spytech Server by @Big guy

3D model, Krokus 66 enlarger by @Museum of Engineering and Technology, Krakow

3D model, IBM 5110 by @maxdragonn

3D model, Chair by @dirk.janssen1980

3D model, Ceiba Pentandra Tree by @Valery.Li

3D model, Electrical Boxes by @Outlier Spa

3D model, Steering Wheel by @Mohammed Tawfeeq

3D model, Ladder by @CG Soul Motion

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How to create a coherent spin-off world in the LOST universe?

One of the first steps in establishing this spin-off universe was to make of lots of research on the existing universe and story. I used the "LOST encyclopedia" (by Damon lindelof and Carl Ton Cuse) and the french youtube channel "Dharma station 7"as the main resources to help and inspire me.

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