Fire cadet instructor

Filmmaking & set design
Type of design project
FNSPF, National federation of French firefighters
Filmmaker & designer
Project year

Apart from responding to emergency calls, the profession of a firefighter can sometimes be routine (they perform the same rigorous tasks every day). The idea behind ​​this film is to present the function of fire cadet instructors as a new investment which allows firefighters to thrive by sharing their knowledge and experiences. This also allows them to contribute to the training of their future teammates.

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Design process & developpment

Softwares & tools used in the project

For this project, I started by presenting different communication concepts to the clients. Once the concept was chosen, I took care of pre-production, production and post-production. During the shooting, I was assisted by Margaux Bedat who took care of the making-of, shooting and management of the actors. The communication of this real-life advertising campaign was centred around 2 mediums: the web and the print. It was important for the FNSPF to reach as many firefighters as possible by deploying this campaign within their national federal network.

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Project supervisor
Adrien Brunat
All project credits

Film director: Adrien Brunat

Assistant / Photo: Margaux Bedat

Voice Over artist: Fabien Gauthier

Main firefighter extra: Loic Baron

Special thanks

JSP Nord-Est-Gessien (local fire cadet section)

SDIS 01 (Ain fire and rescue service)

CIS Gex-Divonne (local fire station)

CIS Est-Gessien (local fire station)

Visuals Switzerland (film production rental house)

Cast & Crew

How to shoot inside an active fire station?

Early in the project, there was a big problem, we needed a fire station for the shoot but it was impossible to disturb an active fire station. The solution we found was to use a retired fire station and bring it back to life by adding all the props, uniforms and trucks!

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