Discover a creature-focused project on an alien planet

In the past I've studied interior design drafting and art direction for advertising, besides my study I had the opportunity to create various advertising films for clients and to develop personal projects. I quickly became aware of my affinity for fiction and particularly for world-building. Recently I did various projects and trainings to move towards film design and concept art.

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Available to work as a junior concept artist, or art assistant. Open to relocation and remote work.
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Concept art / World-building

Adrien Brunat

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Main skill

Concept art

Whether for pre-sales, pre-production or post-production phases, I develop 2D and 3D skills to create original designs with a realistic style and generalist approach (environment, props, architecture, creatures...)

Main skill

Graphic design

I can use my graphic design skills in relation to concept art in order to create graphic details for the world but also to communicate design by creating slides layout, sheets, diagrams or quick project logos.

Main skill

Set design collaboration

As a concept artist with a background in interior design and solid knowledge of VFX, I can work hand-in-hand with a set designer to ensure better design continuity. Whether for traditional set construction or for hybrid set extension.

Main skill

3D scan - Photogrammetry

Able to use basic photogrammetry tools to scan props, sets, or any real world elements to be incorporated in my concept art workflow.

Main skill

Industry & Workflow

I have a good overall knowledge of film production and how the industry work. With a keen interest in production design, VFX and Virtual production I truly understand their respective workflow or pipelines.

Main skill

Team Player

Creating believable worlds is a collective effort. It require a lots of talented crew. I always stay humble, curious to learn and eager to meet and collaborate with other creatives. I alway take feedback as a chance to improve not only my skills but also the overall quality of each production.

Here is an overview of the software & tools i use on my daily workflow In the past I've also used Autodesk Flame, Maya and Archicad.

After effect
Premiere Pro
Unreal Engine
Special skills

Firefighting and first-aid training

I have spent 5 years as a volunteer firefighter responding to emergency calls during day and night shifts besides my studies. I developed an ability to work in a team during stressful situations, respecting the order from the command chain.

Safety design thinking

Whatever for fire or medical safety for cast & crew, this past experience allow me to anticipate some emergency situation or safety issues.

On set first Aid

The training I receive and the experience I got during this time allow me to provide first-aid on set or in a studio if an emergency occurs.

Documentary here
Art department masterclass badge with yellow strap on white background
Film Industry events

Art department Masterclass alumni

In 2022 i had the chance to be selected to participate in both session in Vilnuis & Turin. Art Department Masterclass is an educational programme for art department crew, a space where both aspiring and seasoned art-department professionals can meet and share their experiences.

Case studies by top-level art department professionals such as K.K. Barrett, Paco Delgado, Claire Nia richard, Paul Inglis, Luigi Pisciotta, Elaine Kusmishko, Adorjan Portik, Ruta Kiskyte

Able to present and pitch ideas to key creatives

Slide design

Pitch presentation