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Design for film, VFX and virtual production

3D Modeling of a forest using Megascans library


Europe based junior film designer. Complementary skills ranging from physical to virtual world-building.

RESUME (2022)


Good understanding of VFX and production design workflows. Ability to design physical props and sets as well as digital set extensions or virtual environments. Proactive in problem-solving and sustainable innovations to reduce carbon footprint.


Visually interpreting ideas with the help of 3D, concept art, storyboards, and other mediums. Searching for colors or references to make mood boards with a photorealistic and cinematic aesthetics. Also, able to use graphic design skills to establish a visual identity.


Communicate and collaborate with other artists or key-creatives, taking feedback in a constructive way. Confident in oral presentation and able to design slides to present or pitch an idea.


Strategic and creative approach using world building techniques to translate the script visually, establishing the backstory and all the abstract elements of the story. General historical, artistic and cinematographic culture.


I would like to work on major cause projects, and more generally sustainable projects for human beings and the environment.

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For 5 years I have been a volunteer firefighter. This experience taught me a lot about teamwork. I also learned a lot of firefighting techniques and first aid skills that can be really useful on a film production !

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