Louis Galet

Props & graphic design
Type of design project
The city of Geneva (fictional)
Project year

We were asked to create an advertising campaign for the city of Geneva. The goal was to promote the use of bicycles instead of cars for daily travel. We develop immersive 4-episode web series to communicate among the target audience. The story is about Louis, an urban and solitary man, who reconnects with his grandfather's passion for bike renovation when he inherits an old and mysterious workshop.

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Design process & developpment

Softwares & tools used in the project

Once the advertising concept was defined, we break down the script and draw the storyboard. The shooting took place during 4 days at the Pavillon Cycla in Geneva. A real bicycle renovation workshop that we have set up to suit this story with diverse props. Once the shooting was wrapped, we split among ourselves the editing and post-production of the different episodes and I was charge to work on the title sequence graphics.

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Project supervisor
All project credits

Advertising art direction (+VFX) Adrien Brunat

Advertising art direction (+ editing) Margaux Bedat

Advertising art direction (+writing) Roman Zwalhen

Actor (Notary) Noam Yaron

Actor (Car dealership) Alban Giacobino

Actor (first role, Louis Galet) Jeremie Blevin

Special thanks

Pavillon Cayla, bike association

Cast & crew

How to add graphic shop window with the help of VFX

We had a limited budget and a limited access to the bike workshop set so it was very difficult to build and instal a real shop window graphic, so we decided to design it and integrate it to the footage later in post-production.

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