Animateur(trices) JSP - National campaign (2018)

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This national communication campaign aims to encourage vocations among firefighters to become a JSP animator and train his/her future teammate. The main format of this campaign consists of an advertising film, as well as a series of print.

Animateur(trices) JSP, sapeur-pompier au volant d'une VLHRAnimateur(trices) JSP, Caserne de pompiersAnimateur(trices) JSP, sapeurs-pompiers à la prise de gardeAnimateur(trices) JSP, Sapeurs-pompiers en train de faire des inventairesAnimateur(trices) JSP, désinfection du VSAVAnimateur(trices) JSP, HorlogeAnimateur(trices) JSP, Jeunes sapeurs pompiersAnimateur(trices) JSP, badge animateur JSPAnimateur(trices) JSPAnimateur(trices) JSP, Animateur technique de lancesAnimateur(trices) JSP, apprentissage LSPCCAnimateur(trices) JSP, Apprentissage tuyau en O sur le CCRAnimateur(trices) JSP, rassemblementAnimateur(trices) JSP, sport course à piedAnimateur(trices) JSP, ThéorieAnimateur(trices) JSP, logo call-to-action

Print, Key visuals (F/M)

During the shooting, we captured several profiles of firefighters, to illustrate the different visuals of the print campaign.

Animateur(trices) JSP, affiche version hommeAnimateur(trices) JSP, affiche version femme
Animateur(trices) JSP insigne


Apart from responding to emergency calls, the profession of firefighter can sometimes be routine ( They perform the same rigorous tasks every day ). The idea behind ​​this film is to present the function of JSP animator as a new investment which allows the firefighters to thrive by sharing their knowledge and experiences. This also allows them to contribute to the training of their future teammates.

Design process

For this project, I started by presenting different communication concepts to the clients. Once the concept was chosen, I took care of pre-production, production and post-production. During the shooting, I was assisted by Margaux Bedat who took care of the making-of, shooting and management of the actors.

Animateur(trices) JSP, storyboardAnimateur(trices) JSP, storyboardAnimateur(trices) JSP, storyboardAnimateur(trices) JSP, graphismeAnimateur(trices) JSP, avant/aprèsAnimateur(trices) JSP, Préparation tournage


Behind the scenes

The shooting took place in 3 days in a fire station which was no longer in use. We had to restore it with the help of various firefighters, equipments and firetrucks.

FNSPF logo couleur SVG

About the client

The National Federation of Firefighters of France (FNSPF) is a non-profit association. With more than 277,000 members, the Federation is the head of the associative network of French firefighters, gathered without distinction of rank, status or category (youngers, volunteers, professionals, retired, military, private, administrative, technical and specialist staff , etc.)


The communication of this real life advertising campaign was centered around 2 mediums : the web and the print. It was important for the FNSPF to reach as many firefighters as possible by deploying this campaign within their national federal network.

Animateur(trices) JSP, Web compain

Campaign website

The FNSPF has made a website available, with all the informations relating to this commitment.

Website link
Animateur(trices) JSP, web campaign


The film got more than 127 000 view on Facebook. It was also deployed in others platforms such as Youtube.

Facebook link
Animateur(trices) JSP, affiche

Print campaign

A series of posters was displayed on the fire stations during the campaign, to raise awareness among firefighters

Facebook link

Project credits

Film director
Assistant / Photo
Voice Over artist
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Art Direction
Creative director
Creative director

Special thanks to the FNSPF, SDIS 01, " Les jeunes sapeurs-pompiers du Nord-Est Gessien, the fire station of Gex-Divonne, Est-Gessien and all the firefighters that show up on set.

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